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Em-Te Town Campground

Alder Flats, Alder Flats , Alberta T0C



Alder Flats,
Alder Flats, Alberta

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+1 780-388-2166

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    Facilities run down, dirty, and infested by rodents. There was mouse droppings on the shelves in the cabins. We had a squirrel in our cabin eating the food. It got in by one of the many holes in the wall of the cabin.
    By Stephanie Badry, June 23, 2017
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    Overall the visit was great! It was a step into the Old West, and our family really enjoyed it! Getting to see the horses parading home was a real joy for us! And getting to ride was even better!! Our biggest complaint comes from our experience in the restaurant. The wait time was absolutely horrible!!! An hour and a half for burgers and fries is just way too long. Especially with hungry kids! Most of our food came cold as well, which was a real let down and with the cats crawling all over the tables and jumping up for food, well that wasn't super appealing at all. We highly recommend packing your own picnic to bring, especially if you have small children or anyone in your group is diabetic.
    By Xinger Kat, April 17, 2017
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    The cabin that my family stayed in was dirty and there were rodent droppings in it, and the fir pit was filled with garbage when we arrived. We brought it to the managers attention and they claimed that they had cleaned it the morning we checked in, and never offered any resolution to the issue. The amount of droppings on the one ledge would be impossible to have happened in those short hours between their "cleaning" and our check in, either way it was poorly handled. The other cabin we stayed in was cold since the furnace didn't work, and when we brought that to managements attention, and there suggestion was to light a fire in the pit outside, which was ridiculous considering it was raining outside, again poorly handled, and the problem with the heater was never fixed. Also, the cabin that the heater never worked also had a huge hole in the wall large enough for a squirrel to fit through and invite itself in to eat our food, again, we brought it to there attention only for them to laugh and reply, "squirrels are cleaner than mice." Absolutely disgusting, completely rude, and overall run poorly! I definitely would never recommend anyone to this establishment.
    By Kayla Skoglund, August 01, 2016
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About Em-Te Town Campground in Alder Flats

Em-Te Town Campground is a park in Alder Flats, Alberta. Em-Te Town Campground is located at Alder Flats.

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